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Tuto : install star-4v_s

Tutorial : how to install and run star-4v_s

# Star-4V/S

This program statistically computes "An invariant property of diffuse random
walks" (S. Blanco and R. Fournier - Europhysics Letter 2003) on an user defined
geometry. The submitted geometry must define a set of polygonal meshes saved
with respect to the Alias Wavefront Obj fileformat. The resulting surfaces must
define a set of closed volumes whose normals point inward the volumes. The
program assumes that the shape surfaces are fully emissive and the diffuse
property of their volume is constant.


## How to install and build star-4v_s with git for Linux

Assuming that star-engine is installed at ~/star-engine :

  ~ $ git clone https://gitlab.com/meso-star/star-4v_s.git
  ~ $ cd star-4v_s
  ~/star-4v_s $ mkdir build && cd build
  ~/star-4v_s/build $ cmake ../cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=~/star-engine/local
  ~/star-4v_s/build $ make
  ~/star-4v_s/build $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:~/star-engine/local/lib

Run without arguments :

  ~/star-4v_s/build $ ./s4vs

Get a shape exemple :

  ~/star-4v_s/build $ wget http://www.prinmath.com/csci5229/OBJ/bunny.zip
  ~/star-4v_s/build $ unzip bunny.zip

Run star-4v_s with this shape example, 10000 paths and an extinction coefficient equal to 1. :

  ~/star-4v_s/build $ ./s4vs bunny.obj 10000 1.
  4V/S = 1.03775 ~ 1.03985 ± 0.00735101
  # failures: 0/10000

See the bunny.obj shape using star-engine for a real-time rendering :

  sdpy -i -u 0:0:1 -v 1280x720 bunny.obj


## How to build (general)

Star-4V/S relies on [CMake](http://www.cmake.org) and the
[RCMake](https://gitlab.com/vaplv/rcmake/#tab-readme) package to build. It also
depends on the
[Star-MC](https://gitlab.com/meso-star/star-mc/) and the
[Star-SP](https://gitlab.com/meso-star/star-sp/) libraries.

First ensure that CMake is installed on your system. Then install the RCMake
package as well as all the aforementioned prerequisites. Then generate the
project from the `cmake/CMakeLists.txt` file by appending to the
`CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH` variable the install directory of its dependencies.


## License

Star-4V/S is Copyright (C) |Meso|Star> 2015-2016 (<contact@meso-star.com>).
It is a free software released under the [OSI](http://opensource.org)-approved
CeCILL license. You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions;
refer to the COPYING files for details.